Collect Demographics. Set Benchmarks.
Organize Activity. Write Collaboratively.
Nurse Populations, Simplified.


Your data — in real-time.

Staff-driven Data Collection Tools & Dashboards

Tallypop features a unique login for each nurse or staffer working in a hospital. Each nurse logs in and provides data that can be hard to track such as education, certification, projects, fellowships, board membership, committee involvement, community work and anything else that is important to your organization. The data is processed, tallied and reported to dashboards for the Nursing Leadership team and hospital leadership to use for reports and operations.


Easier submissions.

ANCC’s DDCT & National Databases Submissions

Gone are the days of manually copying and pasting your data to submissions. Take the data collected, honed and cleaned and use Tallypop’s XML download functions for streamlined, simple submissions to ANCC’s DDCT portal. Have quarterly Education & Certification or Turnover reports to to submit to national databases like NDNQI or CALNOC? Use Tallypop to download those reports to simple XML files for easy uploading.


Snapshot & benchmark.

Set Process Outcomes Goals & Benchmarks.

Tallypop doen’t just show your data in real-time, the data is captured at regular intervals at the department and house-wide levels allowing Nursing Leadership to set process outcome benchmarks. You select the dataset and set your benchmark and watch your staff perform on reporting dashboards.

the sandbox

Time to play in the sandbox.

Magnet Document Planning & Submission

The Magnet Sandbox is where your Magnet Document is built, collaborated, written and organized over the four-year journey. The Magnet team can start possible narrative ideas, upload sources of evidence, begin participant lists or build references lists. When the time comes to submit your Magnet Document, the team can go over all of the entries that have been created throughout the journey and select which narrative is best. Come submision time to ANCC, The Magnet Sandbox is compatible with the free version of ANCC’s ADAM®!


All your projects in one place.

Research, Education & Scholarship Activity Management

Gone are the days when nursing administration had to wonder if they harnessed and recorded all of their nursing staff’s activity. Tallypop creates a place where all research projects, inward-facing educational activity and outward-facing scholarship activity can be tracked and managed. Each project or activity can be marked as Magnet Document eligible, making OO-10 as easy to produce as a simple click of the mouse.


Nursing-based evaluations.

Nurse-focused Self & Peer Performance Evals

Tallypop refocuses performance evaluations towards nursing excellence and away from the basics that HR departments require. Your Profession Practice Model can be the center the evaluation process. Peer evaluation functionality streamlines each nurse’s ability to evaluate their peers. After the evaluation process is complete, the TallyPop bundles up a PDF and sends it off to the HR departments.

nurse ideas

Viewpoint from the unit floors.

Staff Suggestions Management

Each nurse with an account has the ability to share what’s working on their floor, offer floor-level need assessments or share a story about a fellow nurse that’s excelling. These suggestions filter up to admin teams where action can be taken. Whether that means handing a need assessment to a unit committee or promoting the suggestion to an entry in your Magnet Document.

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